couple wrapped in blanket winter snow engagement photo

Winter engagement sessions are so unique, bundling up and cuddling together in the snow is always a great recipe for love. This session shows a lot of that.. be prepared for an overload of cuteness.

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  1. Awesome session guys!

  2. Veronica Varos says:

    These are so lovely!

  3. These are lovely! Beautiful work.

  4. Julia Manchik says:

    So stinkin cute these two. Good call on the blanket!

  5. benj haisch says:

    man… it’s too bad they aren’t very cute together… they would really use some style help too… 🙂

  6. Dale Lempa says:

    Great angles here, and the romantic feeling of the couple shines through clearly.

  7. so much personality!! awesome stuff.

  8. roland hale says:

    That’s one kick-ass blanket. And the photos are pretty great too : )

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